1. CODECO EDI message

CODECO EDI Message: The use Of DAM/COD Group

CODECO EDI message is an UN/EDIFACT electronic document by which a terminal, depot, etc. confirms that the containers specified have been delivered or picked up by the inland carrier (road, rail or barge). CODECO EDI message can also be used to report internal terminal container movements (excluding loading and discharging the vessel). CODECO EDI message is part of a total set of container-related messages. These messages serve to facilitate the intermodal handling of containers by streamlining the information exchange.

CODECO EDI message is intended for the provision of operational reports, which may be used for the updating of equipment tracking systems. It is not intended as a primary source of commercial information, which is better provided in commercial messages such as the IFTM Set which are exchanged between parties directly associated with commercial (cargo-related) transactions.

Use Of DAM/COD Group

The DAM/COD Group can be used at EQD level to detail any damage to an item of equipment, if a detailed inspection has been carried out at the time of the movement being reported. In most cases, however, such a detailed inspection will not be carried out until after a movement has taken place. In some regions a general indication of damage condition will be transmitted in the FTX under EQD in this message (if damage has been identified at the time of the movement), and that detailed damage information follow later using the DESTIM message, which is designed for this purpose. This approach is likely to be adopted in North America and Australia/New Zealand. In other regions the DAM/COD Group in the CODECO message may be used for detailed reports. As with the note above regarding the use of the EQD Group, global users should be aware that different approaches will be adopted in different regions.

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