CODECO EDI Message Structure Guidelines: FTX Segment At EQD Level And Use Of GID Group

CODECO EDI message structure notes described in the blog below refer to the usage of FTX segment at EQD level and the use of GID group in the CODECO EDI message.

FTX segment at EQD level

FTX at EQD level has been used for transmission of a variety of coded information, including codes which report on the status of the item of equipment. This usage has been agreed as a temporary measure until such time as clear industry requirements emerge from live usage of the message, and a number of changes to the CODECO message are completed in future versions. It is likely that new segments will be inserted in future versions of CODECO message, or new codes specified in future versions of the EDIFACT code list, to cover functions performed by the EQD level FTX in this guideline. This is not, however, likely to occur for some years. Nevertheless users should implement with this in mind.

Use of GID group

The GID Group is designed to provide cargo information, which is in fact a secondary consideration in messages reporting equipment movements. The GID Group in the CODECO message is not intended to be used as a primary source of information for generation of commercial records such as a ship’s manifest. This function is better performed using consignment-based messages (such as the IFTM Set) which are intended for this purpose. The majority of users will only use the GID Group in the CODECO message for reporting supplementary information, such as temperature or dangerous goods details relating to cargo in a full container or a pre-set setting on an empty container. It is already apparent that these users will therefore not require the GID segment other than as a dummy value to trigger the GID Group. This usage has been provided for in the guideline. All users should be aware that in the longer term some key segments (such as TMP/RNG and DGS/FTX) may be added to the EQD Group to allow those users who do not require the full GID Group to dispense with the group altogether.

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