CODECO message

CODECO Message General Description

CODECO message is intended for the reporting of gate activity (gate movements) associated with an item of equipment in and out of a container terminal, storage and repair facility, or packing/unpacking facility. It can also be used to report movements within the facility, including changes to the status of the item of equipment after servicing or repair.

The container leasing industry will also use CODECO message for notification of changes to the lease status of a container – ie. as a report of on/off hire or direct interchange. The CODECO message is intended for the provision of operational reports, which may be used for the updating of equipment tracking systems. It is not intended as a primary source of commercial information, which is better provided in commercial messages such as the IFTM Set which are exchanged between parties directly associated with commercial (cargo-related) transactions.

At its April 1997 meeting in Singapore JM4 agreed that the functionality of messages in the Container Message set could be extended to cover break-bulk or non-containerised cargo in situations where both types of cargo are handled in the same operation, and where this could be supported by the particular message. Wording to this effect has been inserted in the “Guide to the UN/EDIFACT Container Messages”. The effect of this decision is to extend the use of CODECO message to potentially cover all cargo movements, using the GID group to report breakbulk movements and the EQD Group to report movements of equipment.

The current design of the CODECO message allows for only one repetition of the TDT Group at message level. As a result, only one main carriage (ocean vessel) can be specified for all containers reported in each message at EQD level. Where the message is used to report multiple equipment movements, a facility would therefore be obliged to sort movements according to main carriage before transmission, and send one CODECO per vessel.

This approach does not align with business practice in many regions, including North America and Australia/New Zealand, where gate movements are currently reported on a random one-message-per movement basis without any sorting by main carriage.

It should be noted that the usage of the CODECO message can be applied in some regions on a one-message-per-movement basis (ie. only one repetition of the EQD Group) to facilitate implementation without substantial re-design of established systems.

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