Common Retail EDI Transactions: 879, 861, 864, 888

Common Retail EDI transactions_Common Retail EDI documents described in today’s blog post actually may seem unfamiliar for many readers. The background for this is hidden in the fact that many companies still use only a couple of EDI documents and are not ready to start implementing others. However, the given common retail EDI transactions may be very helpful both for large-size and small-size companies.

879 Price Information. The 879 EDI transaction can be used as an electronic version of a paper price information document. It can be used by all parties involved in EDI processing – manufacturers, suppliers, brokers and agents etc. The main goal of this transaction set is to provide the partner with the requested pricing information regarding definite goods.

861 Receiving Advice / Acceptance Certificate. The given EDI document carries the form of formal acceptance of goods and services. Sometimes it can be used as an acceptance of returned defective items. Also, the notification may refer to all or portion of the shipment received, discrepancy in the content received with the content ordered, reception of the damaged goods and partial reception or absence of the ordered goods. 861 Receiving Advice / Acceptance Certificate is closely used with vendor automatic stock-replenishment programs. All together this helps to manage production schedules, lead times and inventory levels.

864 Text Message. This EDI transaction set can be used by parties to transmit various text information – messages, explanations, contracts, regulations, notes etc. These types of messages are not processed by a computer. They are used for communication between people and therefore are sent in human-readable form.

888 Item Maintenance. The 888 transaction is used to deliver information about finished, new goods and products or changes about existing product specifications to partners (price changes are not sent in this transaction).

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