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Communication Software: What Is It For?

Communication software is usually represented by an application or a program that serve to send information from one computer (system) to another. In EDI communication software is used for remote access and transmitting files in the agreed and set by parties file formats. Also, this definition covers different means for connecting with computers or mobile devices via text, video, audio etc. The connection may be done in a synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous manner. Some types of communications software can be applied only to computers or mobile devices.

In modern e-business environment communication software serves as a part of communication systems consisting of many components. The best and easiest examples of this term are FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol), messages and e-mail clients.

In EDI business flow there exist various software solutions allowing EDI files converting and exchange. While choosing EDI communications software one should consider the compatibility with the company accounting or ERP software.

EDI communication software handles the exchange of an EDI document and its proper delivery. In order to set up a reliable and quick exchange of EDI files between business partners, they should agree the preferred method of communication. Depending on this each party will chose the best communication solution and EDI software as well.

EDI Communication Methods

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