E-commerce Conformance Testing

E-commerce Conformance Testing And Compliance

E-commerce Conformance Testing means a method of audit used to ensure that a specific software solution, product or system meets the defined standards (specification). In Electronic Data Interchange and E-commerce Conformance Testing is used to check the specification document and to define whether it correspond the stated rules and standards. Before starting Compliance Testing parties agree which set of standards the specification must meet. The process can be complicated and time consuming depending on the initial data amount and check points. After Compliance Testing is done, parties can move further and start testing.

Although Compliance Testing is an important stage and should be done carefully, its passing does not guarantee further interoperability. Actually, completed compliance testing means that your solution meats stated requirements. However, this does not guarantee that everything will work properly during live production. There may occur discrepancies at the stage of production and they will be corrected as well.

Compliance Testing can be conducted by third-party companies that specialize in this service or a company in-house department that deals with compliance tests and certification. Speaking about Electronic Data Interchange, the conformance testing can be done by EDI department specialists.

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