Continental EDI ASN

Continental EDI ASN (Global ASN and Delivery and Transport Data)

Continental EDI ASN message becomes mandatory and Supplier needs to send an ASN in case Continental requires the Supplier to take part in the TOMS and/or SC Monitor project. The same applies if a Continental location requires an ASN transmission for the receiving process. Supplier generate the ASN at the time the shipment departs from Supplier’s premises and transfers the data to Continental’s ITSystem as a Global ASN message (1) either via classic EDI (EDIFACT, VDA, ANSI, ANFAVEA), (2) via CSV upload in SupplyOn, or (3) via manual input in SupplyOn. In case Supplier sends the ASN via SupplyOn, Supplier has to take into account that the SupplyOn ASN profile is prescribed by Continental locations.

The ASN data are automatically imported into Continental´s ERP systems where data is processed according to the requirements of each Continental location. The Supplier has to ensure the usage of single line items when posting the ASN, as multiple line items cannot be processed in most of the Continental plants. Single line item means that one ASN/delivery note number is created for each single part number and not for multiple part numbers. An additional requirement is that the ASN/delivery note number has to be unique. For TOMS, especially for all deliveries Continental pays for, pre-ASN (day before delivery) is required (electronic pickup advice).

Suppliers who need to test the EDI exchange of ASNs with Continental have to use Continental’s test ERP-Systems and not the productive ERP-Systems in order to avoid an impact on our production planning. In case ASN data interchange is newly implemented testing is necessary and it is common practice that Supplier sends a test message for each Continental location first. For further details regarding the mandatory contents of a ‘Global ASN’ please refer to ‘DESADV Guideline 07A’ available for download on the worldwide web by entering ‘ASN Guideline Continental’ and is published on the Continental website.

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