Continental Planning

Continental Planning and Monitoring Deliveries by Supplier (Responsibilities)

Continental Planning program requires suppliers to deliver contract products in such quantities and times as to achieve 100% on time delivery pursuant to the dates and to the place specified in the decisive Delivery Schedule if not otherwise agreed in Individual Logistics Agreements for Preferred Sourcing Models for Vendor Managed Consignment Inventory. Supplier has to ensure continuous monitoring of current and forecasted demands in Delivery Schedules as well as the actual shipped figures.

Usually, Continental Planning and Monitoring does not require Suppliers to confirm Delivery Schedules: the quantities and dates listed in Delivery Schedules are considered confirmed by Supplier unless a written objection is made within a certain period of time.

A Delivery Schedules message is provided on a rolling basis and the next Delivery Schedule updates the previous one completely with respect to current and future demands based on single and cumulative quantities. Therefore, Delivery Schedules are valid until replaced by the next release.

Point and Time of Delivery

Supplier shall deliver Contract Products to the delivery address – point of internal consumption at Continental – as instructed in the Delivery Schedule received by Supplier from the ordering Continental production location. Supplier understands and agrees that dates in the Delivery Schedule shall be the date the Contract Product must arrive at the instructed delivery address – point of internal consumption at Continental – in the Delivery Schedule.

Supplier is obligated to manage its shipment of Contract Product so that the Contract Product arrives at Continental on the date specified in the Delivery Schedule. Delivery on time at the delivery address is of the essence and the responsibility of the Supplier. In order to meet the arrival date, the Supplier shall calculate the date of the planned pick-up by the forwarder, shall consider the transit time, and shall deliver the Contract Product so that the delivery arrives at Continental location premises on this date. This applies for all terms of delivery and sourcing models, except for a VMI consignment process. In this case, Supplier must comply with the upper and lower stock limits.

Thus, Supplier has to take into account any applicable times for transportation, goods preparation etc. to make the deliveries ready for pick up or arrange shipment in time. Supplier is responsible to monitor on time pick up or dispatch. For consignment processes, special processes are agreed in Individual Logistics Agreement concerning point and time of deliveries. Suppliers’ delivery capability is measured continuously depending on the Sourcing Model.

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