COREOR EDIFACT:  COntainer RElease Order Message

COREOR EDIFACT is an EDI transaction that is used in UN/EDIFACT standard, usually by the shipping company or his ship’s agent, to allow the terminal operators that the discharged (full) container can be released and that it can be collected subject to providing a password (referred to as “PIN code” in the sector). COREOR EDIFACT is managed by the international SMDG group which chiefly consists of Terminal operators and shipping companies. COREOR EDIFACT can also be used for Non Сontainerised Cargo such as breakbulk.

The COREOR EDIFACT message is sent to the container Terminal as soon as the shipping company or his ship’s agent has certainty regarding the payment of the maritime transport. As long as he is not sure, he keeps the container as “security”. The same information (in particular the “PIN code” as password) must also be sent to the customer (the consignee or his forwarder) in order to organise the inland transport. Empty containers are released with an ordinary COPARN message, rather than a COREOR message. In case of transhipment a COPRAR message is used instead of a COREOR message.


  • For the shipping company or his ship’s agent as sender of the COREOR message
  • For the container Terminal as recipient of the COREOR message
  • Optionally for the consignee (of the cargo) or his forwarder as recipient of the COREOR message

The message can be used as original entry (creation) or cancellation (delete). This is reflected in data element BGM/1225. The message reference is specified at the start of the COREOR message (in BGM -BeGinning of Message) (useful for a later cancellation for instance). This is followed by the identification of the ocean vessel (main transport) and the UN/code of the port of discharge/loading and the code of the discharge/loading Terminal. The container operator concerned (3 letter code of the ship’s line) is also specified. And finally the most important information: the list of containers released by the Shipping company/ship’s agent. The container number is compulsory for each of these containers.

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