EDI Barcodes

Creating EDI Barcodes: GS1 US Guidelines

The quality of the barcode is critical for a successful scan. Your barcode could look great on the package and be formatted perfectly; but if it fails to scan, it may require manual keying of the GTIN® and could potentially lead to lost sales and market share from customers at checkout. You may also have additional expenses from retailer charge-backs.

You need to use high-resolution artwork and high-resolution printing. Using both means that the lines and spaces in your barcode are clean and readable. To create high-resolution art for an actual barcode digital file yourself, use GS1 US Data Hub | Product, an online resource for GS1 US Company Prefix holders. You can use this art to print your labels yourself or send it to a barcode label printer or your package label vendor. You can also turn to a GS1 US Solution Provider for your barcode art and printing needs. These providers are trained by GS1 US® on GS1 Standards for barcodes.

To learn more about using EDI barcodes and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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