Cumulative Quantity

Cumulative Quantity Report EDI Continental ERP-System

Cumulative Quantity can be used by the supplier to monitor incoming delivery instructions (e.g. Delivery Schedule, call-off etc) by Continental for their plausibility, feasibility and to determine increases or decreases within a certain period of time. Cumulative quantities are a running total at a certain date relating always to a certain point in the past, e.g. to the beginning of the calendar year, the start of a particular project, or the first transmission of the Delivery Schedule.

Continental ERP-System is able to process the following cumulative figures in EDI message to Supplier:

  • the cumulative quantity of goods received up to the date of transmission of the Delivery Schedule, and
  • a cumulative scheduled quantity (or cumulative delivery quantity), which might also be referred to as progress number.

The cumulative quantity of goods received shall be understood as the total quantity of Contract Products received and booked in Continentals ERP-System up to the date of transmission of the Delivery Schedule and starting with the first release of theDelivery Schedule – or a mutually agreed ‘set-to-zero’ date. The ‘cumulative quantity of gods received’ is communicated to Supplier within the Delivery Schedule message. This cumulative received quantity is also the starting point for the accumulation of the cumulative delivery quantity.

The cumulative delivery quantity might be designated as progress number and is the starting point for accumulation is the cumulated received quantity.

Supplier can use these cumulative figures to identify:

  • changes to a previous release of Delivery Schedule: cumulative figures enable Supplier to identify changes to a previous release of Delivery Schedule easily, as in every Delivery Schedule message, the consecutive number of the current release and transmission date together with the number of the previous release of Delivery Schedule is transmitted.
  • monitor deliveries in transit and not yet received by Continental: Note that in transit quantities are still included in the Delivery Schedule with the request arrival date together with the quantity. Supplier should use cumulated received quantities to plan next deliveries taking into account that in-transit quantities are still included in the Delivery Schedule.
  • determine quantities for which Production Release or Material Release are provided

Therefore, during set-up of the EDI connection Supplier has to ensure that his IT-System can process cumulated quantities and should clarify any deviation to designation with the respective Continental ordering location.

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