CUSDEC EDIFACT (Customs Declaration Message)

CUSDEC EDIFACT message transfers data from a declarant to a customs administration. The purpose of CUSDEC EDIFACT message is to meet legislative and/or operational requirements in respect of the declaration of goods for import, export or transit.

There are also other ways to use Customs Declaration Message:

  • to transmit data from an exporter in one country to an importer in another country;
  • to transmit consignment data from one customs administration to another;
  • to transmit data from a customs authority to other governments agencies and/or interested administrations;
  • to transmit data from a declarant to the appropriate data collection agency on the movement of goods between statistical territories.

CUSDEC EDIFACT message may be used for national and international purposes (field of application). This EDIFACT transaction relates to commerce, administration and transport sections of business. The message carries transport, statistical, customs and commercial information (as a supporting documentation). One or more referencing documents may pertain to the same declaration and grouping of documents into a single customs item. CUSDEC Customs Declaration Message permits the use of single or multi-packaging concepts.

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