CUSPER EDIFACT Message Definition And Structure

CUSPER EDIFACT MessageCUSPER EDIFACT Message (Customs Conveyance Report Message) permits the transfer of data from a carrier to a Customs administration for the purpose of meeting Customs reporting requirements in respect of the means of transport on which cargo is carried. CUSPER EDIFACT Message may be applied for both national and international trade. It is based on universal practice and is not dependent on the type of business or industry.

CUSPER EDIFACT Message is sent by the ship’s agent who is responsible for the nautical dispatch of the ocean vessel or his agent and this maximum 5 calendar days prior to arrival of the ship in the port. It is advisable to send the CUSREP message at least 2 calendar days before the estimated arrival date of the ocean vessel in the seaport. In any case, the CUSREP message needs to have been sent within 24 hours after the effective arrival of the ocean vessel in the seaport.

CUSPER EDIFACT Message Structure

UNH Message Header: A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Customs conveyance report message is CUSREP.

BGM Beginning of Message: A segment to identify the report/voyage number, type of message (e.g. amendment) and date/time of message of creation.

DTM Date/Time/Period: A segment to indicate date/time of conveyance report to Customs.

QTY Quantity: A segment to identify the number of passengers, number of crew, number of bills.

FTX Free Text: A segment to provide observations, remarks and reason for change.

MEA Measurements: A segment to specify the conveyance’s gross tonnage, net tonnage, summer dead weight tonnage, containerized/non- containerized tonnage and overall length.

GIS General Indicator: A segment to specify the import/export/transit indicator, prohibited/restricted goods indicator and unregistered spaces indicator.

UNT Message Trailer: A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message and the control reference number of the message.

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