CUSREP Message

CUSREP Message For The Clients Of The Port Of Antwerp

CUSREP Message is sent by the ship’s agent who is responsible for the nautical dispatch of the ocean vessel or his agent and this maximum 5 calendar days prior to arrival of the ship in the port. It is needed for:

  • For the ship’s agent who is responsible for the nautical dispatch of the ocean vessel or his agent as sender of the message.
  • For the Belgian Customs & Excise as recipient of the CUSREP message.

CUSREP Message Content

The current message is the EDIFACT message CUSREP – version D96B. CUSREP Message only contains the information required to report the ocean vessel. If the ship’s agent wants to use the same message to also report the information required for the statistics of the inbound and outbound ocean freight and the information concerning ISPS, this message version cannot be used. In this case CUSREP – version D04A needs to be used (as soon as this is available at Customs & Excise ).

The first CUSREP message needs to state the entire itinerary. This implies:

  • UNLOCODE of the original port of loading (=port of departure);
  • the route;
  • code of the first location of arrival in the port.

Important key elements are:

  • the IMO number of the ocean vessel and
  • the port call number assigned to the ocean vessel by the Port Authorities at the seaport concerned.

These 2 key elements will also be used by, on the one hand, the ship’s agents in their CUSCAR message for the summary declaration for temporary storage and on the other hand by the Customs brokers on their import or transit declarations, which makes an automatic write off of the cargo items in PLDA possible.

If one or several errors concerning content and/or format are detected on receipt of the message by the customs computer system, the entire CUSREP message is refused and an appropriate error message is sent out by the Customs IT-system. After correcting the errors the ship’s agent has to re-send the entire message.

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