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Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment

Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment are the key to maintaining a positive customer experience with Boscov’s. This blog outlines key order processing and fulfillment policies that will ensure a quality experience for the Boscov’s customer.

3rd Party Order Processing Interface

OpenText Technology Requirements: Suppliers must be able to transmit/receive all order processing messages electronically through Boscov’s third party SDF order broker, OpenText*. Boscov’s requires all vendors to contract with OpenText, Boscov’s vendor for Supplier Direct Fulfillment. OpenText allows for an easy setup and maintenance of a robust SDF program which maximizes value for both sides. Boscov’s will prioritize each vendor and turn them over to OpenText on a weekly basis. OpenText will then contact you to begin setup.

Inventory Availability

Online SDF assortment availability will be driven and decremented against vendor provided inventory quantities by SKU

  • Purchase Order – Receive a separate purchase / fulfillment order for each customer order
  • Ship Confirmation – Upon fulfillment, vendor will provide confirmation of shipment (shipped, cancelled for each line item) in an SDF purchase order and include shipment tracking details within 24 hours of shipment
  • Invoice – Provide a separate invoice for payment of confirmed SDF purchase order shipments *Suppliers have several options to manage these transactions. Any combination of browser-based (web forms) and integrated messaging is supported. Integrated options vary from basic to complex to meet your technology capabilities. Browser based management can be enabled with minimal technology investment.

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