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EDI Approach to reducing costs in retail

Digital transformation is a key to a cost-saving strategy in retail. It is essential that process automation is agile and open to trading partners. Many brands implement EDI solutions in-house and run them on a legacy model. These are the reasons why it is not the best idea:

  • In-house solutions mean high costs for the system maintenance¬†
  • Running on VAN involves additional charges for transactions transfer
  • In-house legacy EDI systems should be constantly updated, otherwise they lose functionality, visibility, and performance.

Before implementing EDI, businesses should consider the cost of different EDI solutions. For example, in comparison to an in-house solution, a cloud-based provider EDI solution will have such benefits:

  • It takes away the hassle of in-house EDI software
  • It is easily scalable and agile
  • The EDI provider handles the onboarding, setup and ongoing maintenance, updates, and data compliance.
  • The cost may be lower than supporting an in-house EDI department.

If you are deciding, which type of EDI solution to choose, visit EDI Academy webinars and learn more about EDI implementation.

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