CVS EDI Payment

CVS EDI Payment Requirements

CVS has the capability to transmit supplier payments electronically. All payments will be made directly to your bank via an ACH transaction (next day payment). CVS will transmit the EDI/EFT 820 in a Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) format, which is the payment and remittance bundled together.  The supplier’s bank will be responsible for forwarding the EDI 820 remittance advice to the supplier along with the notification that funds were received.

Back up for all deductions will be mailed to the correspondence address that is listed on the ACH form or sent by EDI812 for EDI capable vendors.

In order to be eligible for ACH payments, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Supplier must be currently transmitting invoices to CVS via EDI, excluding non-merchandise
  • Supplier provides new or better payment terms to CVS to remain mail float neutral
  • Supplier volume is over the established threshold to benefit the ACH process

CVS EDI Payments Benefits

  • There are no “lost” checks
  • No additional mail time
  • ACH payment and remit information will be sent directly to supplier’s bank.
  • By providing CVS with a correspondence address, all invoice deductions and supplier mailings will go directly to the supplier rather than a lock box.  Thus reducing missing back up documentation.

If supplier is interested in receiving payments via ACH, he should fill out the form and return to the contact listed on the CVS website.  Upon completion, CVS will review and initiate contact as to when you will receive your payments via ACH.

To learn more about EDI integration and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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