CVS EDI Transmission

EDI Transmission Types And Billing Requirements

The preferred billing method for deliveries made directly to stores is EDI transmission. The following Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data transmission types are used within the CVS payment processes:

  • EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement – CVS has received an invoice transmission from the supplier. The 997 Functional Acknowledgement verifies that CVS has received a transmission.  This does not necessarily mean that CVS has accepted part or all of the transmission fully.
  • EDI 824 – Critical error on invoice notification – the supplier should correct error and retransmit invoice. If unable to retransmit electronically, then it is the responsibility of the supplier’s EDI department to notify the supplier’s AR department that an invoice was not successfully received by CVS to be processed for payment.
  • EDI 820 – Remit notification sent to supplier via EDI
  • EDI 812 – Charge-back memorandum
  • EDI 810 – Invoice

CVS EDI Billing Requirements

The preferred billing method for deliveries made directly to stores is EDI transmission. Suppliers that are not EDI capable but would like to send billings via EDI may reach out to the CVS EDI Department as sending EDI via a third party supplier which can convert billing to EDI for you is an option.

The following information is required for billing shipments to CVS Distribution Centers. EDI 810 Invoices not containing the information below will be rejected and the supplier will receive a critical error notification via the EDI 824 transmission detailing the reason for the failure of the invoice to load.

  • Purchase order number
  • invoice number
  • Supplier number
  • invoice date
  • Detailed off invoice allowance info
  • Extended cost (paper inv only)
  • Freight termsItem UPC/NDC code
  • units shipped
  • date shipped
  • cost per item or case
  • Terms & calculated cash discount
  • Extended dating on separate field
  • DC code.

To learn more about EDI transmissions and billing and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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