Data Interchange Standard Association

Data Interchange Standard Association As A Standards Foundation

Data Interchange Standard Association or DISA serves as the Secretariat for ASC X12 and works on expanding electronic commerce and B2B trade providing technical and administrative support. Data Interchange Standard Association assists businesses and organizations in improving electronic business processes and their cost reduction, increasing trade productivity and efficiency and enhancing business development opportunities.

One of the main DISA functions is upgrading electronic commerce standards and service through administrative improvement. DISA constantly works on specification and technical guidance development that helps businesses during establishing partner relationships. In administrative field DISA helps in maintaining and supporting databases and websites. Among other administrative functions the following should be mentioned: business communications, membership recruitment, meeting arrangements, marketing, promotions, bookkeeping and financing. Electronic data interchange is released inside DISA through the ASC. ASC committee takes part in developing and setting EDI and e-commerce standards and their changes in particular situation.

Data Interchange Standard Association enables business individuals and organizations to participate in global e-business. Driving a range of e-business initiatives, DISA provides technical and administrative support to its affiliated organizations ASC X12, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA), Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) Forum, and Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO).

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