Delhaize America 810 EDI Direct Store Delivery Invoice Document (Version 5010)

Delhaize America 810 EDIDelhaize America 810 EDI transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to the billing for goods and services provided between Delhaize America and its vendors. Delhaize America 810 EDI Invoice is accepted from the vendor and used as a scheduled delivery ticket. This process will expedite the check-in procedure at the stores. Delhaize America 810 EDI Invoice must be received at the company Headquarters through EDI no later than 2:00AM ET the day the product is scheduled for delivery in order for the Delhaize America 810 EDI to be used as a delivery ticket.

BIG Segment Notes

  • BIG01 is the invoice issue date.
  • BIG03 is the date assigned by the purchaser to purchase order.
  • BIG10 is the consolidated invoice number associated with the invoice identified in BIG02.
  • When BIG07 contains code CI (Consolidated Invoice), BIG02 will contain the consolidated invoice number and BIG10 is not used.
  • BIG07 is used only to further define the type of invoice when needed.
  • Credit Invoices will not be accepted and will be rejected if received.

REF Segment Notes

  • At least one of REF02 or REF03 is required.
  • If either C04003 or C04004 is present, then the other is required.
  • If either C04005 or C04006 is present, then the other is required.
  • EF04 contains data relating to the value cited in REF02.
  • REF02 (Reference Identification) – Four-digit store number: DSD CAO vendors can return either the four-digit store number (without the zero at the beginning) or the five-digit store number (with the zero at the beginning)

IT1 Segment Notes

  • Element 235/234 combinations should be interpreted to include products and/or services.
  • IT106 through IT125 provide for ten different product/service IDs for each item. For example: Case, Color, Drawing No., U.P.C. No., ISBN No., Model No., or SKU.
  • IT104: The unit price is the cost of the item to our company and may include up to four decimal positions. The cost should be consistent with the unit of measure (case price for case quantities and unit price for single items).

SAC Segment Notes

  • SAC04 may be used to uniquely identify the service, promotion, allowance, or charge. In addition, it may be used in conjunction with SAC03 to further define SAC02.
  • In some business applications, it is necessary to advise the trading partner of the actual dollar amount that a particular allowance, charge, or promotion was based on to reduce ambiguity. This amount is commonly referred to as “Dollar Basis Amount”. It is represented in the SAC segment in SAC10 using the qualifier “DO” – Dollars in SAC09.

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