Delhaize America EDI Partnership Special Requirements And Notes

Delhaize America EDI PartnershipDelhaize America EDI Partnership Special Requirements given in the blog below refer to problem handling, backup procedures, error recovery and changes updates. To learn more about general EDI guidelines of the Delhaize America EDI Partnership program, please, refer to the previous post.

Responsibilities In Delhaize America EDI Partnership

  • eBusiness Specialist Department: eBusiness Specialist Department responsibilities are to provide overall project management and eBusiness Specialist support for the trading partners.
  • Vendors/Trading Partners: Vendors and trading partners responsibilities are to implement EDI with Delhaize America company.
  • Transport Methods: EDIINT Certified Solution Provider Drummond Group EDIINT certified software is required.

Problem Handling

Problem resolution is a shared effort between the trading partners, Delhaize America and the EDIINT solution provider or the VAN. Communication of the problem, changes in status, updates regarding the problem, and the final resolution, are the keys to successful problem management.

  1. If you are having a problem with your EDIINT solution or the VAN, contact the appropriate party for support.
  2. Report any EDI format or transmission issues to Delhaize America eBusiness Specialist team.
  3. If you have any questions concerning EDI data content, please contact your Delhaize America Inventory Analyst or Category Manager.

Backup Procedures

  • In the event of an extended system failure at Delhaize America, Purchase Orders will be faxed/telephoned to the suppliers.
  • If it is determined the system failure can be corrected promptly, th company will hold documents until the system is operational and resume normal operation schedule as soon as possible.

Error Recovery

  • Should a trading partner have a system failure, notify our eBusiness Specialist team.
  • If transmission is still unsuccessful, report the problem as outlined above.

Changes/Upgrades Introduced by Delhaize America

As upgrades are introduced, Delhaize America will notify each trading partner and detail what changes will take place. A specified time for conversion upgrades will be determined and announced.

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