Delhaze America EDI General Information and Guidelines

Delhaze America EDIDelhaze America EDI is a form of paperless communication, is a storage and retrieval communication process. EDI allows for the transfer of hundreds of business documents (purchase orders, invoices, remittance advice, etc.) that are frequently used between trading partners with ease and efficiency in a relatively short period of time. In most cases, EDI replaces mailed documents, phone calls, and faxes.

Delhaze America EDI Benefits

  • Using EDI will allow you to reduce the amount of paperwork created for orders, invoices, etc.
  • EDI data can be stored on tape or diskettes, thus reducing the amount of physical storage space needed for your current transactions (orders, invoices, etc.).
  • EDI provides you with the means to eliminate duplicate entry of data. This will lead to streamlined processes and reduce the errors that can result from re-entry of data.
  • EDI will allow you to increase business volume without increasing your staff by reducing the amount of manual or redundant tasks performed in the processing of a business document.
  • All of the above benefits lead to reduced costs. The end result of these reduced costs is lower prices and increased sales.

Delhaze America EDI Standards and Versions Supported

  • An EDI Standard is made up of multiple business documents, each containing information in a specified layout within each document. Sections of the EDI document, referred to as Segments or Elements, can be Required or Optional. If used, they must appear in the order designated by the Standards Committee for the chosen EDI document
  • The company has chosen the ANSI X.12 standard for EDI translation. ANSI X.12 allows the company and our trading partners to support not just grocery EDI documents, but also financial, pharmaceutical, and transportation industry documents
  • The company currently sends and receives ANSI X.12 standard EDI documents for Version 5010. Please contact our eBusiness team if you have any questions on the EDI document you wish to send/receive.

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