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Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI 856 and 997 Transactions: Electronic Shipment Notice/Manifest and Functional Acknowledgment Message

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI 856 transaction set is used for the receipt and processing of vendor merchandise. Additionally, an EDI-enabled vendor must also produce a hard copy representation of Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI 856 message as part of the shipping documentation requirements.

Vendor item style/color number and description contained in corresponding 850 or 860 transmissions must be used on the Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI 856 transaction. Any 856 message transmitted to the company which fails to validate when compared to corresponding 850/860 message may be subject to chargeback. 856 messages can be transmitted to the company at any time during order fulfillment.

All Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI 856 transmissions to be sent 48 hrs prior to delivery of merchandise to the company’s facilities or named shipping point. Additionally, ASN messages can be transmitted at the time merchandise is released to transportation provider. Any 856 message received after delivery of merchandise to the company’s facilities or named ship point will be subject to the chargebacks.

An 856 transmission can reference multiple 850/860 transactions.

The company requires a single ASN per shipment and location. Any vendor shipping from multiple locations will need to create a corresponding ASN reflective of the shipment from a specific location. Upon successful translation of an 856 transmission, the vendor will receive the company’s Functional Acknowledgement message (“997”). Vendors failing to receive a 997 message from the Company will need to notify DSW IT.

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI 997

The company uses a 997 transaction set for the acknowledgement of vendor and company EDI transmissions. Vendors will need to generate a 997 message for each company inbound file received within 72 business hrs. The company will generate a detailed 997 message for each vendor inbound file. All Designer Shoes Warehouse generated 997 messages need to be reconciled or researched (for rejection notices) within 24 business hrs.

Vendors using a third party EDI service must ensure their selected provider is reviewing all 997 messages transmitted by DSW IT.

Missing vendor inbound 997 messages may be subject to chargeback. Vendors failing to receive a Designer Shoes Warehouse company 997 message must contact the company’s DSW IT personnel immediately.

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