Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC

Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC Catalog (832) Guidelines

Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC Catalog requirements demand that the company will establish a UPC data trading relationship with all UPC enabled vendors. Once this relationship is established, all orders sourced by the Designer Shoes Warehouse buyers are to be labeled with the vendor’s UPC tag. Shipments delivered missing the Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC tags may be subject to chargebacks.

Designer Shoes Warehouse uses the vendor’s UPC catalog service provider (i.e. GXS or QRS) to retrieve UPC codes for the entry, receipt and processing of vendor merchandise. All UPC data accessed by the company must match item style descriptions contained on corresponding POs.

UPC enabled vendors are required to update their online UPC catalogs with all UPC codes related to PO items within 20 business days from receipt of the company’s PO. Vendors will need to advise the Purchase Order Management Specialist of the vendor style name/number, NRF color codes, and pack codes as well as confirm the Designer Shoes Warehouse UPC codes are available in the on-line catalogue (SPS or GXS). This information is used for entry of the vendor’s item into the merchandise system and the completion of an approved PO.

Items missing UPC codes and/or style, color, pack code information will delay the entry and transmission of a PO (EDI PO or hard copy) and can be subject to chargebacks.

Vendors requesting exemption from this requirement will need to contact the Company’s Purchase Order Management team. Incorrect or missing UPC codes at time of delivery of merchandise to the company’s DC are subject to chargebacks.

Designer Shoes Warehouse follows the VICS industry standard requiring a 30 month waiting period for fashion merchandise before reuse of existing UPC product codes. Additionally, DSW IT and Merchandise Support personnel need to be notified via e-mail within 24 business hours following the completion of the UPC update.

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