Dillard’s EDI Compliance

Dillard’s EDI Compliance And Charges Policy Basic Guidelines

Dillard’s EDI Compliance Policy gives a 60-day grace period once company becomes an active vendor with Dillard’s, to become compliant on the following Mandatory EDI Documents. Until vendor is EDI compliant, all purchase orders and invoices are available via Dillard’s Vendor Portal on ebiz.dillards.com. If these Mandatory Transaction Sets are not implemented within the 60-day grace period, the non-compliance processing charges will be assessed.

Dillard’s EDI Compliance Policy Transaction Sets

  • 810 – Invoice
  • 816 – Organizational Relationship
  • 820 – Remittance Advice
  • 832 – Price Sales Catalog (VIA 3RD Party)
  • 850 – Purchase Order
  • 856 – Advance Shipping Notice
  • 860 – Purchase Order Change
  • 864 – Text Message
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgment

Paper processing charges for non-EDI documents

The charge is assessed on each paper document generated for or received from a Vendor. Vendor will be charged for each attempt by Dillard’s to transmit one of these files to vendor via EDI. You have the option of receiving Remittance information via the EDI 820 Transaction Set or eBiz.dillards.com via user specific secured access. Price Sales Catalog, UPC information is traded by the vendor with an Electronic UPC Catalog. Dillard’s picks up the UPC information from the UPC catalog and not directly from the vendor. There is a manual entry charge of $2.00 per UPC/Product record entered or corrected. These charges are also assessed for noncompliance issues, as required, after catalog is implemented.

Excessive changes made outside of the Dillard’s Style/UPC Allocation Guidelines are subject to chargebacks of $250.00 per occurrence, $50.00 per Style/UPC changed & $10.00 per PO updated. Shipments received with no ASN will be assessed a $250.00 per shipment non-compliance charge. (Shipment = PO/Ship Date). A $50.00 per carton charge will be assessed for each carton with no 128 label (or non-scannable label), or if the ASN detail is not found when scanning the carton. Non-compliance charge of $50.00 per file will be assessed if you continually fail to send a 997 for each 820, 850, or 860 file you receive from Dillard’s.

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