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Each of the DLA EDI transactions (832, 850, 810) must be tested successfully before the contract can move to production. Vendors should be prepared to work with the DLA Troop Support POCs for each transaction and provide notification about the success and failure of each transmission.

DLA Troop Support – Subsistence currently uses EDI communications to transmit catalogs (832s), purchase orders (850s) and receipts (810s) between STORES (Subsistence Total Order and Receipt System) and Vendor systems. A typical EDI test process begins with an 832 (catalog) file being sent from a vendor to STORES. In this catalog file, vendors will provide stock item numbers, item descriptions, item prices and other item data included in the guidelines below. These stock items will be available for ordering by customers when the contract goes from testing to production. Once the 832 file is received, DLA Troop Support personnel will review the file to ensure all required fields are included and meet the proper requirements. If edits are necessary, DLA will contact the vendor to discuss changes that need to be made to the file.

Catalog files are transmitted to STORES through an electronic mailbox at DLA Transaction Services. Some vendors choose to use a Third Party VAN (VAN) to manage their catalogs. VANs are companies that specialize in the creation, maintenance and transmission of EDI files. When a VAN is used, vendors will provide stock item updates to the VAN, and that company will edit the catalog and transmit the file through DLA Transaction Services to STORES.

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