Barcoding Bulk Items

Barcoding Bulk Items: Do it Best Corp. Requirements

It is the Do it Best Corp. policy that every retail unit should have a barcode number assigned in the GTIN field of Do it Best Corp. Product Code file. Also, vendors should apply barcodes on:

  • Individual retail units
  • Shipping containers

Use of UPC/EAN vs. SCC-14 (ITF-14)

In deciding whether a package should have retail (UCC-12) or a shipping container (EAN/UCC-14) barcode, Do it Best Corp. need to examine the use of the item at retail. Any package that constitutes a single selling unit at retail should have an UCC-12, EAN/UCC-8 or EAN/UCC-13 code. A package which represents a ship pack to Do it Best Corp. that is not an individual selling unit at retail, should have a EAN/UCC-14 shipping container barcode.

So, for instance, a 16 ounce can of lubricant that is sold at retail has an UCC12, EAN/UCC-8 or EAN/UCC-12 code assigned to it. However, a ship pack containing 12 cans should have a corresponding EAN/UCC-14 barcode. Bulk Items In dealing with items that our members need to have barcoded, this is the course of action that our Do it Best Corp. Merchandise Managers take.

Do it Best Corp. requests that the items be barcoded at no additional charge. Most companies in the industry already require barcoded product and, generally, this is not an unreasonable request. In negotiating with a vendor, if there is no way of getting a barcoded product at the same or competitive price, then the situation will be reviewed by the Do it Best Corp. Merchandise Manager. Do it Best Corp. will determine if the item(s) will be exempt from barcodes (retail and/or shipping container), purchased at a higher price, or purchased elsewhere.

In cases where the individual retail product is exempt from barcoding, the vendor is required to provide some means to allow for handling the products at retail point-of-sale (i.e., laminated charts, pictorial product identification sheets, etc.).

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