Barcode Guidelines

Do it Best Corp. Barcode Guidelines

Through the use of barcodes, it is the Do it Best Corp. mission to gain efficiencies which will increase profitability and enhance the competitive edge of Do it Best Corp., Do it Best Corp. members, and vendors.

Benefits of Barcoding

The success of barcoding can be attributed to a number of factors. However, its success has been largely due to two major benefits: increased speed and accuracy. In today’s competitive marketplace speed in replenishing stock, changing prices, and processing at the checkout counter are crucial. Accurate sales history and perpetual inventory figures play an equally important role as well.

When armed with the proper equipment and training, a retailer can scan products at the checkout much faster than they can be manually keyed. By minimizing key entry and, consequently, human error at the checkout, a retailer can maintain more accurate sales history information and make better purchasing decisions. Barcoding also eliminates the need to ticket individual products. Instead, bin labels may be used to display product pricing. This can shorten the amount of time required to receive and make product available for sale. And, by using bin rather than product labeling, a retailer can react more quickly to price changes that may be occurring within the marketplace.

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