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Do it Best Corp. Logistics Transportation Management

Do it Best Corp. requires 2 types of barcodes depending on the salability of the product and packaging being used.

  1. UPC Codes for the actual selling units. All selling units are required to be marked with the product code (GTIN) in a readable bar code.
  2. SCC Codes for cartons that are not the selling unit.

UPC (Universal Bar Code) is the identifying bar code on the selling unit. UPC’s generally consist of 12 digits that are grouped in 1, 5, 5, & 1 digit increments. To allow both computer scanners and people to read them UPC’s are printed in human-readable form.

The first six digits of the UPC code are an assigned number which is identified with the manufacturer. These first six digits will always be consistent with the respective manufacturer. The next five digits represent the item and are likely to be associated with the model # shown in the Do it Best Corp. description. The last digit, a check digit, is used to verify accuracy. UPC’s are required to be visible, scannable, and readable.

SCC (Standard Carton Code) is representative in Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology. Each SCC code represents an item and its respective package size. They are found on master cartons, inner packs, pallets, etc. SCC codes are 14 digits in length and are grouped in 1, 2, 5, 5, and 1 digit increments.

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