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Do it Best Corp. Private Label Barcode Requirements

The type of barcode used on ship cartons is different from that applied to retail products. These procedures are designed to help vendors in assigning the correct retail and shipping container code numbers on Do it Best Corp. private label merchandise.

Assignment of SKU Number

A SKU number will be assigned to private label goods by the Purchasing department in the same manner as non-private label products. Assignment of Retail Barcode (UCC-12) Once the SKU number is assigned, the corresponding UCC-12 for the retail product will be created by Do it Best Corp. using the following guideline:

  1. The first 6 digits of the GTIN on private label goods must be the Do it Best Corp. manufacturer I.D. number as assigned by the Uniform Code Council (UCC). This number is: 009326.
  2. The next 5 digits of the GTIN for the private label item are assigned by the new item application.
  3. The last, and twelfth number, is a check digit computed based on a standardized formula.

Example: Do it Best Corp. purchase paint brushes from Manufacturer X. Among these Do it Best Corp. carries:

  • Do it Best Corp. private label (standard quality)
  • Do it Best Corp. private label (premium quality)
  • Do it Best Corp. private label (best quality) and a Manufacturer X brand paint brush.

What would be the proper way to handle the item and GTIN assignment for the products in this example?

First, each Do it Best Corp. private label item would be assigned a different SKU number. This is because the distinctions between standard, premium, and best quality denote significant differences in the item characteristics. The Manufacturer X brand brush would also have its own SKU number.

Sample numbers

  • Standard brush – SKU# 772623
  • Premium brush – SKU# 772631
  • Best brush – SKU# 772682
  • Manufacturer X brand brush – SKU# 772690, Manufacturer’s Item # 56155, Manufacturers UCC I.D. 066543.

Second, each item would have its own unique UCC-12. For instance:

  • SKU# 772623 009326770017 assigned by Do it Best Corp.
  • SKU# 772631 009326770024 assigned by Do it Best Corp.
  • SKU# 772682 009326770031 assigned by Do it Best Corp.
  • SKU# 772690 066543561552 assigned by Manufacturer.

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