Do it best EDI Logistics

Do it Best EDI Logistics and Shipping Requirements

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the primary functionality used by Do it Best Corp. for business to business purchase information exchange. Vendors are required to have EDI functionality either on premise or via a third party provider. EDI Mapping Requirements are provided to Do it Best Corp. vendors via its EDI Support Team.

Method of connectivity

Direct AS2 communication is Do it Best Corp. preferred method of connectivity with its vendors. If your system does not support direct connectivity via the preferred method, Do it Best Corp. also has communication alternatives with several Value Added Networks (VAN’s).

Required EDI transactions

EDI transactions required by Do it Best Corp. Logistics and imperative for routing are as follows:

  1. EDI 850 Transactions: These transactions are representative of the purchase order which identifies the product need on a time and quantity scale.
  2. EDI 855 Transactions: These transactions represent the purchase order acknowledgement. The 855 acknowledges the receipt of the P.O., conveys an item quantity commitment, and identifies the origin location information for pick up. The 855 is the primary transaction used for the routing, rating, and the timely delivery of product within TMS. 855’s are required for both COLLECT and PREPAID vendors servicing our Do it Best Corp. RSC locations.
  3. EDI 856 Transactions: This transaction is more commonly referred to as the ASN. ASN’s are used to transmit shipment quantities arriving at the destination location and is the Do it Best Corp. primary transaction for receiving for checking product. 856’s are required for both COLLECT and PREPAID vendors servicing Do it Best Corp. RSC locations.
  4. EDI 997 Transactions: Vendors are responsible for both review and follow up of all EDI 997 transactions. The EDI 997 represents a functional acknowledgement, positive or negative, of vendor respective EDI transmission and communicates its successful receipt, or failure.

Vendors without EDI functionality are required to have access to the internet in order that they may access TMS Portal Processing for shipment transmission and subsequent routing. The TMS Portal is used in lieu of sending EDI 855 transactions with the origin / destination information as well as intent to ship detail.

TMS (Transportation Management System)

TMS represents electronic software that provides for the routing of shipments through shared business to business information optimizing transportation costs and mode of delivery to destination. Routing through TMS requires either EDI functionality, or for vendors without EDI functionality internet access.

All vendors utilizing EDI functionality are required to provide complete and accurate EDI 855 transactions back to Do it Best Corp. EDI 855’s (purchase order acknowledgements) provide origin pick up location information and approved shipment data to subsequently be routed to destination.

COLLECT Vendors not utilizing EDI functionality are required to utilize a manual online entry process via a Do it Best TMS Portal. Vendors utilizing the portal will require a User ID and Password for entry and execution.

Complete and accurate header and line information provided on all EDI or TMS Portal transactions are the responsibility of the vendor. Invoicing “prepay and add” is NOT acceptable under any circumstance. Approval to do so may only be made in special cases and made in advance through Do it Best Corp.

To learn more about EDI and become a CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional), please visit our course schedule page.

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