EDI Order Processing

Order Processing (Retail Service Center Orders)

Do it Best Corp. requires that all purchase orders be processed via EDI. More information about Do it Best Corp. general EDI requirements can be found here.

Order Ship Date and Arrival Date

All Retail Service Center orders will indicate a specific “Ship Date” and “Arrival Date”. The Ship Date is used for Collect orders and it specifies the date when the order should ship to the RSC. For backhauls and DIB contracted carriers, this is the day the product must be ready for pickup. As noted on the PO, you must call a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the ship date so arrangements can be made.

The Arrival Date is used for Prepaid orders and it specifies the date the order should arrive at Do it Best RSC. Shipping orders based on these criteria is critical to achieving a high fill rate for Do it Best members.

  • Late orders cause out-of-stock situations that hurt our service levels.
  • Early orders cause interruptions in receiving other scheduled orders.

Order Lead Time

It is the vendor’s responsibility to advise the Merchandise Manager of any anticipated changes in order lead-time. Unanticipated changes in order lead-time cause service level problems at our RSCs. By having advance notice of shipping delays, Do it Best will be able to accurately adjust its forecasts.

Drop Shipment Orders

Drop shipment orders (D/S) are orders placed by our member directly with the vendor. These orders may be called in to your customer service department, placed in person with your sales representative, or placed on a drop ship order form. Invoices for those orders must be sent electronically to Do it Best Corp. for payment. Do it Best Corp. will invoice the member. It is important to follow the guidelines below.

Creating a Drop Shipment Order

Form Sample templates are available for creating a drop ship order form. Any order forms mailed to Do it Best members must follow these templates. This will insure that all necessary information is included on the form. Instructions are as follows:

  1. Vendors printing their own drop ship order forms must use the Do it Best. Drop Ship Order Form as their template.
  2. These forms are in Excel file format.
  3. The dashed vertical line on the template indicates a perforation between the order form and the tear strip area. The tear strip is the part that members will give to you as their order.
  4. Complete all indicated areas on the form.


All invoices for RSC and drop ship orders must be sent electronically and conform to the Do it Best EDI 810 invoice guide. Due to the added costs required to process a non-EDI invoice, Accounts Payable will deduct a processing fee of $20 for each non-EDI invoice.

To learn more about EDI and become a CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional), please visit our course schedule page.

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