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Conducting business in today’s economy is a continual challenge; reducing costs, increasing profits, staying competitive, and maximizing efficiencies are important business practices for Do it Best Corp. – as well as for its vendors.

Electronic processing of business transactions is critical for both Do it Best Corp. and vendors submitting them. Supplier performance and support of the common supply chain initiatives is paramount to continued and mutual success. To that point, Do it Best Corp. have made the business decision to require EDI processing of Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Credit Memos, and Advance Shipment Notices. Any one of these transactions processed manually will be subject to a charge.

Additionally, vendors who are unable to communicate via EDI for all transactions run the risk of being replaced by competitors who are able to operate more efficiently. For vendors that presently don’t have EDI capability, or do not wish to use their current EDI system, Do it Best Corp. have partnered with several 3rd party providers of internet-based document exchange services. They can provide an easy-to-use alternative to traditional EDI software that will enable electronic connectivity to Do it Best Corp.

To learn more about EDI initiative and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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