Do It Best EDI Transactions

Do It Best Corp. EDI Transactions Guides

Do It Best requires EDI processing of Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Credit Memos, and Advance Shipment Notices. Any one of these transactions processed manually will be subject to a charge.

EDI Stocking Purchase Orders

Electronic ordering improves Do It Best efficiency and increases the strength of the supply chain. Do It Best requires all vendors to participate in receiving Stocking Purchase Orders electronically.

EDI Invoices

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays an essential role in reducing clerical and operational costs involved with processing invoices. Due to the high cost of manually processing invoices, Do It Best requires that all of its suppliers send invoices electronically. In addition to the cost savings, EDI invoices also allow processing your invoice faster and with increased accuracy.

EDI Credit Authorizations

Do It Best has the ability to issue credit authorization via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). If the Drop ship order is for $350 or more then a credit authorization number is required. Your support in providing complete and accurate electronic information is greatly appreciated.

EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgements

Processing purchase order acknowledgements electronically is critical to Supply chain process. The purpose of the 855 document is to not only acknowledge the receipt of the PO but to also identify whether you will be filling the Purchase Order in full or in part at the line item level. All line items should be Accepted, Backordered, Deleted, or Rejected. Expected ship dates should also be provided. Do it Best Corp. expects the data in the 855 to be as complete and as accurate as possible.

EDI Advanced Ship Notices

The primary purpose of an ASN is to provide Do it Best Corp. with advance and accurate data on shipments into its RSC’s so that Do It Best can plan workloads and process receipts more efficiently processing. The ASN must arrive in advance of the merchandise arriving at the dock and the ASN must also be 100% accurate and represent the exact contents of the shipment.

To learn more about EDI and become a CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional), please visit our course schedule page.

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