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Do it Best Corp. Supported Symbologies for Barcoding

Success in barcoding depends on cooperation between vendors, Do it Best Corp., and members. Some Do it Best Corp. members have been scanning for a number of years, even though up to this point no mandate has been made requiring vendors to comply with GS1 (Uniform Code Council or UCC) standards.

Do it Best Corp. and its vendors have worked together to increase the number of retail items with GTIN codes. Eventually, the use of GTIN codes will be a prerequisite to selling product to Do it Best Corp. Do it Best Corp. supports four different barcode symbologies, three are for immediate use at point-of-sale and one will be utilized in warehousing and distribution. Do it Best Corp. will be using the accepted UCC-14 (SCC-14/ITF-14) Shipping Container Code for fixed content ship cartons. The point-of-sale symbologies are the UCC-12 (UPC Version A or E) and the EAN (International Article Numbering), EAN/UCC-8 and EAN/UCC-13.

Item Level Identification


The UCC-12 data structure is the most common code for item level identification in Northern America.

The UCC-12 data structure can be configured in different ways. The structure consists of a UCC Company Prefix, Item Reference Number and Check Digit.

UCC Company Prefix

The Uniform Code Council (UCC) assigns the manufacture a UCC Company Prefix which can be 6 – 9 digits. This company prefix will then be used for all product produced by that manufacturer.

Item Reference Number

The Item Reference Number can be 2 – 5 digits and is assigned by the manufacturer. Each product the manufacturer produces should be given a separate Item Reference number.

Check Digit

The last digit of the UCC-12 number will always be a check digit. This check digit is a calculation based on the first 11-digits. The check digit is used to verify the accuracy of the UCC-12 number when scanned.

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