HIPAA Privacy Rule

HIPAA Privacy Rule: How does HIPAA apply to employers?

The question “Does HIPAA Apply to Employers” is one that has provoked many responses due to the complicated nature of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is one of the most complicated pieces of legislation affecting the healthcare industry. Because of its objectives to standardize how individually identifiable personal information is protected across many different use case, the language of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is “non-specific” and therefore open to a number of interpretations.

Many attempts have been made to summarize the HIPAA Privacy Rule in a format that clearly outlines who is covered by the legislation and how it should be applied. Unfortunately, because of its complicated nature, most summaries fail to adequately answer the question how does HIPAA apply to employers? This article at HIPAA Journal aims to answer that question as adequately as possible.

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