Dollar General EDI

Dollar General EDI Quick Start For Vendors

Dollar General EDI program requires that vendors comply with Dollar General EDI minimum terms policy. Vendor must submit valid EDI 810 invoices. EDI Invoices must be complete and accurate in the required Dollar General format. Payments made to Dollar General must be remitted to the proper delivery address.

Dollar General EDI Program

EDI is required, including the use of the 850 Purchase Order, the 810 Invoice, and the 997 Acknowledgement documents. Vendor must comply with EDI VICS standards and other trading partner specifications required by Dollar General as defined in the EDI Trading Partner Agreement. Transmission errors and other instances of non-compliance may result in chargeback penalties to the vendor.

Dollar General EDI Purchase Order Processing 

  1. All purchase orders are transmitted through EDI.
  2. Important Fields:
    • Ship Date – Date the PO must ship by
    • Arrival Date – Date the PO must arrive to consigned DC
    • SKU Number – DG assigned
    • UPC Code – Ordering UPC provided to DG on quote sheet
  3. PO Changes:
    1. Core Items – Contact DG supply chain manager and / or DG reorder team member.
    2. Non-Core Items – Contact Dollar General Buyer and / or Merchandising Assistant.
    3. PO will not be retransmitted through EDI for vendor requested changes.


  • All purchase orders must be shipped complete as ordered by Dollar General.
  • Vendors are to send one call-in per core PO with one ship location and one product-ready date.
  • You must ship collect purchase orders as requested via the carrier Dollar General assigned to that order.
  • Truckload (TL) Mode o Product must be loaded in a manner to securely the load to prevent shifting and damages during transit.
    • “Shipper Load, Count, & Seal” must be documented on all bills of lading.
    • Shipper must load, count, and seal trailer with the seal number and trailer number identified on the bill of lading.
    • All truckload moves will be “Shipper Load & Count”. Dollar General will not be responsible for driver count costs at the vendor site.

Vendors can get essential EDI knowledge to cooperate with Dollar General at EDI trainings and seminars. These educational events may be conducted for the whole company.

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