Dollar General Vendor Compliance

Dollar General Vendor Compliance: Basic Requirements

Dollar General Vendor Compliance program states that Vendors will incur chargebacks as outlined in the Vendor Program for non-compliance violations to include, but not limited to:

  • Incorrect Product: Wrong merchandise, case pack, inner pack, price issue, etc.
  • Incorrect Information: Carton information, purchase order number, BOL, Packing List, etc.
  • Quality: Poor quality pallets slip sheets, freshness, concealed damages/shortages, etc.
  • Supply Chain Performance: Incorrect DC, missed appointments, call-in violations, etc.
  • Charge backs are at standard rates plus rework and re-handling charges where applicable.
  • Product determined damaged prior to receipt:
    • May be returned to the vendor.
    • All freight charges incurred for the return of damaged product will be charged back to the vendor.
    • Vendors will be subject to an administrative charge back for handling costs associated with the return of merchandise.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Dollar General chooses to enter into a Vendor Managed Inventory relationship with certain key suppliers to leverage supply chain capabilities in an effort to better serve the customers. Vendors who have established VMI capabilities and wish to discuss this opportunity further should contact their Dollar General Replenishment representative.

Tracking Labels

The CPSIA requires each manufacturer of a children’s product (which includes any consumer product intended for children twelve and younger) to place permanent, distinguishing marks on the product and its packaging, to the extent practicable, that will enable (A) the manufacturer to ascertain the locations and date of production of the product, cohort information (including the batch, run number, or other identifying characteristic), and any other information determined by the manufacturer to facilitate ascertaining the specific source of the product by reference to those marks; and (B) the ultimate purchaser to ascertain the manufacturer or private labeler, location and date of production of the product, and cohort information (including the batch, run number or other identifying characteristic).

Shipping Approval

The Dollar General Freight Forwarder WILL NOT accept merchandise without a valid shipping approval. The Shipping Approval document is issued once all business rules for the specific purchase order are met and the LSD is less than 15 days out. The Shipping Approval is emailed directly to the vendor’s designated representative.

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