Domestic Shipping EDI

Domestic Shipping EDI Basis For Burlington Coat Factory Vendors

Domestic Shipping EDI requirements are mandatory when shipping to any Burlington Stores Location. Domestic Shipping EDI states that ASN must be sent a minimum of 24 hours prior scheduled appointment (excluding weekends). Two copies of a properly executed Bill of Lading (BOL) must be included per shipment. The only acceptable proof of delivery is a BOL signed/stamped by Burlington receivers. All drivers must follow Domestic Shipping EDI driver check-in procedure at the gates of its facilities. The check-in procedure expects all drivers to sign the “Receiving Stamp Template” and “Trailer Inspection Form” that is filled out by Burlington yard security. Perishable merchandise requiring temperature control must be delivered prepaid by the vendor.

Domestic Shipping EDI Delivery Windows

Burlington Stores utilizes the purchase order dates exactly as they are shown in your EDI (850) PO transmission. The two dates on the purchase order are: Do Not Deliver Before and Do Not Deliver After. Each delivery requires its own appointment and ASN. When multiple trailers are required, each additional trailer will require its own PRO/appointment number, unique BOL, and ASN. Merchandise on pallets should be annotated as palletized on the Burlington Appointment Scheduling Form. Live unload appointments are considered “on-time” when checked in at the gatehouse no earlier than one hour prior to or one hour later than the scheduled appointment time.

All collect PO’s must submit a routing request into the Transportation Management System (TMS) to obtain a routing confirmation number, regardless of the size of shipment. Routing must be submitted at least three days prior to the “Do Not Deliver Before Date (DNDB)” in order to be compliant with Burlington requirements. The routing department books shipments based on accurate shipping information and vendor’s “Ready to Ship” date. This date is expected to be within parameters the delivery window, allowing for processing and transit time. In order to be compliant in the shipping process, all requests should be submitted during standard business hours (8:00am-4:00pm EST) at least one day prior to desired “Ready to Ship” date. The “Ship Ready Date” is the date the goods are ready to be picked up by Burlington’s carrier. Same day pickup cannot be guaranteed.

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