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856 Advance Ship Notice Supplier EDI Requirements

The Supplier will process and send a test 856 ASN to Dot Foods per specs. The Supplier will also generate and send a copy of their GS1 SSCC128 pallet label. Dot Foods will review both format and content of the pallet label and the 856 ASN transaction data. The Dot Foods EDI Analyst will provide feedback to the Supplier. The Supplier will resolve any discrepancies and resend 856 test data and / or GS1 SSCC128 pallet labels until format is approved.

Timing: The 856 ASN should be sent as soon as the truck is loaded. No exceptions are made if the truck is loaded after business hours or if Dot Foods is picking up the order.

Third Party Warehouses

If the supplier utilizes 3rd party warehouses, Dot Foods will accept 856’s from the warehouse company on the supplier’s behalf. The Supplier is fully responsible for the coordination of the 856 ASN testing process between the 3rd party warehouse and Dot Foods.

Catch Weights: If Dot Foods purchases variable weight (catch weight) products from the supplier, the supplier must be able to communicate the combined actual net weight for each item within the MEA segment on the 856 ASN.

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