DSW 856 ASN Memo and Notes

DSW has been frequently running into an issue with incorrect ship to IDs being sent in the N104 element of DSW 856 ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) transaction sent to DSW. This is causing the processing of the DSW 856 ASN to fail. DSW have been manually correcting the ship to IDs when necessary on the ASNs, however, in addition to creating a task of manual intervention, this is causing the processing of the ASN to be delayed, and potentially delaying the allocation and receiving of product. Therefore, DSW asks all of vendors to review their EDI system for sending DSW 856 ASNs, and be sure that they are sending the correct ship to IDs.

Here is a listing of all DSW business units, and their corresponding ship to ID and physical addres.

  • 29 – 99999 – DSW Shoe Warehouse – 4150 E Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219
  • 41 – 99999 – SteinMart Shoes – 4150 E Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219
  • 58 – 99995 – DSW Direct (E-tail) – 4314 E Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219
  • 65 – 99999 – Gordmans Shoes – 4150 E Fifth Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219.

The correct ship to ID will be in the N104 of the 850/860, please be sure that the ship to ID sent in the N104 of the 856 matches what was sent on the PO. If you are sending ASNs for both e-tail business (business unit 58), and other business units (29, 41, or 65) under the same ISA (all in one DSW 856 ASN file), it is best practice to separate all business unit 58 (e-tail) POs, putting them under their own ASN ID (have a separate ST loop for the business unit 58 POs).

Designer Shoes Warehouse developed its vendor relations program along with a revised Domestic Footwear & Accessories Logistics Guide to outline the necessary policies and procedures including those described above. The success of the Vendor Relations program is based on the partnership of DSW with its vendors to help design and implement the policies and procedures of the program.

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