DSW EDI General Information and Testing Requirements

DSW EDI program for vendors covers points connected to electronic data interchange in the supply process. DSW has a dedicated EDI Team that is responsible for the EDI programming and processing for DSW. Below you can find some important DSW EDI guidelines necessary for vendors who are goig to become a DSW EDI partner.

DSW EDI Testing Requirements

  • Vendor should fill out the on-line survey on the DSW website and grant DSW access to the product catalogue so vendor can download UPC data, or contact DSW EDI group to determine how to provide UPCA data
  • Establish EDI communications via VAN or provider
  • DSW will send two 850 purchase orders consisting of a mix of musicals and solids representing the majority of retail (brick and mortar stores) as well as a unit purchase order representing dotcom (DSW.com) order for vendor to load into your test system. DSW will expect accepted 997s for both 850s
  • DSW will send two 860 purchase order changes to update the items on the test purchase orders, and also will include other changes such as date changes, item adds and deletes, etc. DSW will expect accepted 997s for both 860s
  • For shoe vendors, send back ASN test files using test purchase order with changes. Accessory vendors will not be required to provide ASNs (856) for shipments at this time
  • A sample GS1-128/UCC-128 label is to be submitted to DSW EDI Team via PDF email attachment for approval prior to going live
  • Upon going live, determine how to handle open POs. For instance, if they were not originally sent via EDI, can you generate and send an ASN upon shipment?

DSW EDI Standard Notes

The EDI standard used for 850 purchase order / 860 purchase order change / 856 advance shipping notice is X12 4010. If EDI transmissions are sent with 4010VICS referenced in the GS segment for 850/860/856 transaction sets, they will fail.

Communication ID

Communication ID for testing and production: Testing qualifier = ZZ, ID =137885864T, Production qualifier = 08, ID = 6142384060.

Common issues that cause DSW problems with EDI data

  • UPCA’s must be sent in the ASN LIN segment, LIN02/03.
  • Vendor style number is frequently left out of ASN, which causes a failure.
  • ASN segment LIN (LIN10/11) must be sent with vendor style number.

997 Acknowledgement

DSW will provide an accepted or rejected 997 for each ASN received. If your ASN has been rejected, corrections will need to be made and the ASN resent in order to avoid chargebacks for manual PO receipt. If you do not receive a 997 within 24 hours, contact DSW EDI Team to verify that the ASN was not received and resend ASN.

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