DSW EDI PO: Common Guidelines

DSW EDI PO (Purchase Order) is an electronic data interchange transaction sent using a standardized format that has been agreed upon by the industry standards council. While DSW individual requirements can vary, DSW EDI PO still maintain the standardized format and base requirements per type of document while allowing flexibility in the use of the format to meet specific business and partnership requirements. Please, refer to the previous post to get the first portion of the information about DSW EDI PO.
The “Cancel If Not Shipped Date” on the front hereof shall be determined by the date of receipt set forth on the applicable Forwarder’s Cargo Receipt, ocean, truck, or domestic bill of lading or airway bill. Vendor shall immediately advise DSW, identifying the EDI PO number and department number, if any part of this EDI PO cannot be shipped in time to be received by the date specified in this PO. The PO is deemed cancelled if shipment is not made before the Cancel If Not Shipped Date. Vendor shall not ship without the written consent of DSW on or after the Cancel If Not Shipped Date, nor shall Vendor ship before the “Start Ship Date” on the front hereof without DSW’s written consent.
At DSW’s option, DSW may accept a late shipment and pay for goods received which are in conformance with the EDI PO, reject all or part of the shipment, or cancel all or part of this EDI PO.
Partial acceptance shall in no way bind Buyer to accept further deliveries on any other part of this PO, nor shall acceptance be construed as waiver of any of Buyer’s rights to recover damages for late or partial delivery. Each PO issued by DSW to Vendor will be a separate contract and multiple POs are not intended to be parts of an installment contract.

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