DWS EDI Purchase Order and Invoice Notes and Guides

DWS EDI Purchase OrderDWS EDI Purchase Order requirements regard to all vendors partnering with DWS (Designer Shoes Warehouse). More guidelines may be found in previous two posts devoted to DWS EDI Purchase Order guides.

Vendor shall prepare a separate invoice for each department and each EDI PO within a shipment. All documents – invoices, bills of lading, packing slips, customs documents (i.e., origin declarations, quota statements, footwear forms, APHIS certifications, etc.) and correspondence must be in English and show the:

  • PO number
  • number of cartons
  • shipment weight
  • shipper’s name
  • Vendor’s name
  • full name and address of the actual manufacturer of the Goods
  • routing information
  • date shipped
  • Accounts Payable vendor number.

Invoices must provide a complete description of the Goods by style, style number, color, size, and unit cost, and the technical and commercial description and composition of the Goods. Invoice line detail must be individually extended and all line totals must be extended to total invoice amount stated in U.S. Dollars. The invoice shall state the full FOB or DDP price per unit and in total, including all prepayments.

No charges are allowed for any additional costs including boxing, crating, drayage, or storage unless specifically stated on the PO. If any quota charges, materials, components, packing, tools, dies, molds or similar items are supplied free of charge or at a reduced cost by DWS or a third party and not reflected in the unit price, the invoice shall separately state these values and describe their nature.

If EDI PO provides a single shipping date, Vendor shall pay all transportation, freight, and insurance charges on all additional shipments. If merchandise is sold on a DDP or CIF basis (as defined under Incoterms 2000), Vendor agrees to provide an invoice or similar document from the shipper evidencing all freight insurance costs. Failure to comply with the above billing terms may result in a delay in invoice processing and chargebacks to Vendor.

All documents shall accurately reflect the actual quantities shipped. All quantities received are subject to verification by Buyer. Differences between the quantity invoiced and the quantity received will be charged back to Vendor. Each shipment shall be individually manifested.

Have questions about EDI? Read more or visit our seminars to become EDI capable.

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