EAN (European Article Numbering) As A European product Identifier

EAN (European Article Numbering), also known as the European UPC equivalent, is a standardized 13-digit barcode. EAN (European Article Numbering) is used for identifying single items, packages as well as shipping containers. The European Article Numbering barcode system is followed worldwide.

European Article Numbering code digits are grouped in the following scheme:

  • The left group & the right group
  • The left group with digits 2-7 & also digit 1, through odd & even parity scheme
  • The right group with digits 8-13.

What is the basis of EAN (European Article Numbering)? The concept refers to items, parts, objects grouped under the same reference number (by manufacturer) and conforming the same characteristics (specifications, drawings, schemes, tests etc.).  European Article Numbering numbering has no classification of products. The European Article Numbering barcode scheme and digits are calculated in an internationally agreed algorithm.

European Article Numbering is controlled by GS1 (formerly EAN International). It is a global non-profit organization enabling identification of products, items, logistic units, locations, services etc.  The main goal of European Article Numbering development is to provide a global standardized language of products identification, common language for international trade and business that can be applicable both on-site and virtually.

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