EANCOM Messages basic information and examples

EANCOM messagesEANCOM messages standard combines comprehensive and logic messaging scenarios. Commercial organizations choose messages and scenarios depending on their personal industrial needs.

EANCOM messages (Master Data)

This type contains rarely changing data (goods characteristics, companies’ names and requisites, surnames and positions of the responsible personnel etc.):

Message “Information about participant”PARTIN: is used for identifying all members participating in data exchange process with EAN Location Numbers. The detailed requisites such as name, address, responsible personnel, financial requisites and other data are defined.

Message “Product data”PRODAT: provides participants of the process information about definite goods or service characteristics (description, logistic data, price etc.).

EANCOM messages (Commercial transaction)

This messaging category covers all stages of the commercial cycle starting from price inquiry and ending with remittance advice (for the received goods):

Messages concerning pricing and estimation – QUOTES, REQOTE, PRICAT. They contain data about goods and service supply conditions for potential customer (supply terms and conditions, price, profit, discount conditions etc.).

Messages for order formation – ORDERS, ORDRSP relate to order process starting from its formation, changing if needed and specification (quantity, data, end-point of supply etc.).

Transport and logistics messages – IFTMIN, IFTSTA, IFTMBF, IFTMBC – provide transfer of the information concerning products supply terms, bill of landing etc.

EANCOM messages “Invoice INVOICE” and “Remittance advice REMADV” concern payments for the complete orders. Customer can automatically get the invoice at the moment the goods were ordered.

Planning and report messages SLSRPT, SLSFCT contain consolidated information required for planning. This type of messages concerns different reports and prognosis regarding supply, sales, stock control and make it possible for partners use common information as for market tendencies.

Service syntactic control message CONTRL can be sent by the EDIFACT message receiver for confirmation notification or non-acceptance of information exchange, functional group (few monotype messages) or separate message.

General purpose message GENERAL can be used for sending data that do not subject to standard messaging.

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