EANCOM ORDCHG (Purchase order change request message)

EANCOM ORDCHG is an EDI message specifying details of the buyer’s request to change a Purchase Order. The message is sent from the buyer to the seller. The basic principle for the usage of the message is that a buyer may request to change, or possibly cancel one or more goods items or services.

EANCOM ORDCHG may refer to goods items or services related to one or more delivery schedules, call-offs, etc. In case with a Purchase Order Change Request for cross-border transactions, the transaction may contain additional information for customs and/or statistical purposes. Also, details for transport, destination, delivery patterns may also be present in the message structure.

ORDCHG Message Basic Principles

  • The content of a Purchase Order Change Request is assumed to affect the modification of a previous Purchase Order as requested by the buyer. The modification of a previous Purchase Order in confirmation or response to the amendments proposed by the seller in a Purchase Order Response is also possible.
  • A change may not be requested on the Purchase Order number, the identification of buyer and seller, or the line item number  -these changes may only be made by cancelling the previous Purchase Order and re-ordering.
  • The only data segments and data elements required in the Purchase Order Change Request are those: Marked in the Purchase Order mapping guide as mandatory, including the two repetitions of NAD identifying the buyer and the seller, and one repetition of the RFF segment (group 1) to identify the order being changed. If segments below LIN are changed then all segments below LIN must be re-transmitted. It is not an error to re-transmit unchanged data.

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