EANCOM ORDERS (Purchase Order EDI Message)

EANCOM ORDERS is an EDI message that contains the details for goods or services ordered under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer. EANCOM Purchase Order EDI Message refers to Order Messages and is one the most frequently used business transactions. It is recommended that one Purchase Order is placed for one delivery in one location at one time.

Split Deliveries

However, it happens that deliveries refer to several different locations (split deliveries). In this case, the Segment Group 37 (LOC-QTY-DTM) in the detail section of the message is used. To make deliveries on different dates within the same purchase order possible, the DTM (Date and Time) segment in the detail section is applied. Split deliveries may also refer to the same location on different dates over a period of time.

ORDERS EDI message can be used to send blanket orders followed at a later date by a series of call-offs. In this case, both message types can be identified precisely in the BGM segment with the appropriate coded identifier. The blanket order is a type of order that specifies a global product quantity per line item to be ordered over a period of time. The subsequent call-offs referring to the blanket order will request a part of the global quantity with specific delivery dates and locations.

EANCOM Purchase Order EDI Message is also used for sending rush orders. Rush order is a type of order requesting the immediate availability of goods. For this purpose, an appropriate coded identifier in the BGM segment is applied.

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