EANCOM ORDRSP (Purchase Order Response Message)

EANCOM ORDRSP (Purchase Order Response Message) is a message sent from a supplier to a buyer, responding to a Purchase Order message or a Purchase Order Change Request. A supplier may respond for one or more goods items or services. The response may be:

  • an acknowledgement of receipt and understanding of data content of the Purchase Order
  • a confirmation of acceptance of the Purchase Order
  • a proposal of amendment to the Purchase Order
  • a notification of non-acceptance for all or part of the Purchase Order.

A Purchase Order Response may refer to goods items or services related to one or more delivery schedules, calloffs, etc. This transaction for cross-border transactions may contain additional information for customs and/or statistical purposes, details for transport, destination and delivery. There can be one or more Purchase order response message for a buyer’s Purchase Order.

In many industries, a Purchase Order, after being received by the supplier, is acknowledged by a response document. This document indicates the supplier’s acceptance of all, or part, or none of the buyer’s order. Any changes may be requested by the supplier to fulfil the order. Any change requested by the supplier to a Purchase Order may be acknowledged by the buyer by transmitting a new Purchase Order or a Purchase Order Change Request.

Agreement on exact procedures as for Purchase Order Response transaction usage should be reached between trading partners in the trading partner agreement.

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