EANCOM OSTRPT (Order status report message)

EANCOM Order status report EDI transaction is used by a seller or seller’s agent to report status information on an order. EANCOM OSTRPT Message may be sent as a reply to an order status enquiry sent by a buyer or buyer’s agent. Also this transaction is used to report on regular intervals as agreed by the parties.

OSTRPT Message Principles

EANCOM Order status report message may relate to one enquiry, one or more orders (ORDERS), cargo/goods handling and movement (HANMOV), or instruction to despatch (INSDES) messages. It can relate to products on one or more orders.

The status can not trigger any action by the receiver of the message. For example, if the status is “ready for shipment”, it can not be used to transmit despatch advice information. In this instance a DESADV message must also be sent.

OSTRPT Message can not be used to change anything except the status as previously reported. If the party needs to change the specific information (e.g. quantity ordered), an ORDRSP message must be sent in this case.  Order status report message EDI transaction may also be used to report on the status of a previously sent Cargo/Goods Handling and Movement message (HANMOV) by a logistics service provider acting on behalf of a supplier or buyer, and/or to report on the status of a previously sent Instruction to Despatch message (INSDES) exchanged between two trading partners.

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